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Hi5 - Highly Important 5 years
Why a Preschool?

Creating Future Experts

In western countries, the concept of Preschool & Day care centres was started during early 1960's, due to their need and culture. As India is now getting more westernized, we can see a vast cultural, social and economic change among the Indians, even in the deep rural areas. Few decades ago, young children had all the opportunities available at their home, as most where joint families, more children to play with and some elder to monitor and nurture them with adequate knowledge, by nature, which resulted in a good foundation of the child at home. Children of current India are left out with all the knowledge gadgets and television, with almost no person to interact or take care.

Why Hi5 Preschool?

To fulfill the huge need for preschool education in our country, Hi5 International Preschool was started by three visionaries, holding vast experience in the field of Psychology, Child Care & Business Administration. We at Hi5 Preschool, provide opportunities for every child to work on S-P-I-C-E curriculum, stimulating their Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional Quotients. Through this, our trained and experienced trainers observe every kid's inborn talents, nurture them and elevate to transcend their potential.

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Hi5 Preschool - Name reason

Research finding reveals that a child's brain development reaches to its maximum, almost to its fullest, during the early ages itself (from birth to 5 years). Hi5 denotes this Highly important first 5 years of the child in Hi5 Preschool.


Hi5 Preschool's programmes are designed to focus on the all round development of a kid, specializing in identifying and transcending their inborn talents. Our curriculum is filled with lots of academic activities, celebrations, knowledge exploration, Yoga and free play helping in the development of Fine & Gross motor skills, Sensory skills, Balance of body and mind, Communication skills, Basic Manners and Discipline.

Play Group
1.5 - 3 Years

Speaking and Language development.
Cognitive skill development through explorative & innovative tools.
Specific moral values.
Potty training.
Eating by self and healthy food habits.
Health & Hygiene conscious activities.

Pre KG
2.5 - 4 Years

Imparting knowledge through interactive identification.
Inculcating essential life skills.
Improving language skills.
Developing creativity through art and music.
Preparing children for main stream schools.

Jr. KG
3.5 - 5 Years

Introduce writing.
Imparting Language skills - Tamil, Hindi and English.
Imparting arithmetic skills - Counting.
Imparting General Knowledge, Social and Moral studies.

Sr. KG
4.5 - 6 Yrs

Enhance writing - Cursive.
Focus on Spoken English and Phonetics.
Enhancing Language skills - Tamil and Hindi.
Enhancing arithmetic skills - Addition and Subtraction.
Enhancing General Knowledge, Social, Moral and Environmental studies.

Day Care
1 - 10 Yrs

Comfort designed as to feel at home.
Timely feeding and potty training.
Nap time - Cot with individual mats.
Dedicated Maids.


Well trained, experienced, enthusiastic

Hi5 has a team of well trained, experienced, enthusiastic, highly dedicated and polite trainers, ensuring safety, hygiene, fun and learning of the children.

Trainers follow a structured teaching pattern on a daily basis to constantly engage the kids. Indoor and Outdoor activities are rhythmically planned for the kids to enjoy learning. Term end assessments are made on their academic proficiency and SPICE Quotient, to derive on the all round development of the kid. Parent Teacher meet is organized at the end of every term assessment, to discuss about the kids potential and progress.

A day at Hi5 PreSchool

Apr 10, 2019, 4.07 min

A typical day at Hi5 starts with free indoor play to all the children followed by assembly, prayer and Yoga, which ignites enthusiasm and creates a perfect balance of body and mind.

The day would be followed by knowledge imparting through various activities using Montessori tools and other tailor made toys.

Snacks time is organized in such a way to help the child to develop their social and emotional quotients.

Kids are engaged during the tail hour with Rhyme dance, Story enacting, Puppet show, Discovery time, Library reading, Stage practice, Pet club, Gardening, Sand pit and Splash pool.

Safety & Hygiene

Safety and hygiene is always on Hi5 Preschool's top priority.
Our adult:child ratio is maintained at 10:1
Hi5 Preschool's premise is under CCTV monitoring
Kids can be picked only by the parents or registered guardians
All the toys, learning tools and furniture's are constantly sterilized
Splash pool and Sand pit are regularly Sanitised ensuring hygiene

Parent Connect

A child's potential reaches its maximum through the cohesive efforts of both the parents and the preschool. So, we maintain frequent interactions with parents in bringing up their children.

A parent orientation programme is organized after the admission process, which will put light on the day to day operations, teaching, activities, celebrations, what's expected from you and how the preschool functions, Safety precautions followed during Field trips, Splash pool, Sand pit and other outdoor activities.
Parent Teacher meet is organized at the end of every term assessment, to discuss about the kids potential and progress.
Children's day is celebrated every year as Talent Hunt, which helps the kid to showcase the hidden talents in front of all parents.
Grandparent's day is organized every year for them to understand the latest technical know how's and facilities enjoyed by their grand children.
Annual day is a grand affair, where a bigger stage is set for the children to showcase their learning and developed talents.


Research finding reveals that a child's brain development reaches to its maximum, almost to its fullest, during the early ages itself, from birth to 5 years. So, naturally a kid's future success proportion depends on the training and exposure to various skills during this phase.

Keeping this in mind, we at Hi5 developed a structured curriculum, S-P-I-C-E, with intense survey & research on the kid's abilities towards, handling capabilities on Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative & Emotional situations. In this curriculum, we use Montessori and play way methods, along with techniques recommended by experts in the medical and psychological industry, which would help the Children to happily enhance & surpass their inborn potential, without any pressure.


latest news

Admissions Open for year 2022 - 23

Academic classes starts from 1st June 2022. Free bridge course and Summer camp in Apr & May for kids enrolling now. Be an early bird and grab the opportunity.

2nd Branch Opening @ Perambur

Hi5 Preschool opens its 2nd branch @ G02, Tower 10, North Town, Stephenson road, Perambur on 15th April 2022, 8am. All are welcome.


No. 1, Police Manickam Street,
Ayanavaram, Chennai - 600023.

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North Town

G02, Tower 10, North Town,
Perambur - 600012.
730 535 1075

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